Elinos Local Red Wine of Imathia

Local Red Wine of Imathia

Elinos S.A. Local Red Wine of Imathia is the quintessence of red, matured wine, which brings out the oenologist’s art in selecting and fusing two of the best red wine varieties, Xinomavro Naoussas and Merlot. It is produced by organic grapes of exceptional quality, grown in our vineyards with utmost care.

Type : Dry Red Wine

Classification : Local Wine of Imathia

Variety : Xinomavro Naoussas and Merlot

Vineyard: On the south-eastern slopes of Mount Vermio (300 m.), in the region of Polla Nera, in Imathia.

Vinification : Standard red wine vinification process with high content of phenolic extracts, necessary for the production of mature wine.

Bottling : At the company winery in Fytia, Imathia.

Maturation : 10 months in French oak barrels

Alcohol content : 13% vol

Ageing period : 8-10 years