The Tarala family initially found interest in wine at the beginning of the last century. It was back then when Nikolaos Taralas, grandfather of Dimitrios Taralas, whose origins lay in Eastern Romylia, engaged himself in wine grafting as well as the processes of wine production and vinification.

In 1925, Christos Taralas, father of Dimitrios Taralas, settled in Agia Varvara of Imathia, where he started practicing the vineyard and winemaking techniques which he had inherited from his family, thus creating a manufacturing, vinification and trading company of wine products in the city of Veria.

Today, only a small part of that company's equipment survives, including wooden barrels of individual capacity of 6.5 tons and wine-presses weighing 20 tons. It is estimated that prior to World War II, the wine volume traded was approximately 250 tons. However, during the war his assets were confiscated by the conquerors, signalising not only the end of the company, but also that of the man’s life.

Following the family tradition and his passion for wine, Dimitrios Taralas continued to cultivate and produce small amounts of wine as a hobby, while working at the Bank of Greece. After his retirement, in an attempt to revive the family tradition and fulfil his own dream, he decided to create a winery of the latest technology with the full support of his wife, Aspasia Tarala, and their twin children, Christos and Nikoleta.

ELINOS S.A. was founded in 2006 by Dimitrios Taralas's family. The members of this family cultivate their own organic vineyard, which covers an area of approximately 25 acres and produces wine of exceptional quality.