The Vineyard

The vineyard covers an area of approximately 25 acres and is located at the foot of the Eastern Mount Vermion (300 m.). The soil and climate conditions of the area are ideal for the production of red wine of exquisite quality.

Part of the vineyard, where the wine varieties of Xinomavro Naoussas and Merlot are cultivated, is situated in Polla Nera of Imathia. Another part of the vineyard is in the region of Patrida, also in Imathia. The varieties cultivated there are: Malagouzia, Preknadi, Cabernet, Moschomavro (Muscat Black), Negoska and Roditis.

In each area of 0.25 acres only a limited quantity of wine is produced (approximately 600 kg), which all the more enhances the quality of the wines produced in our vineyard.

Organic cultivation of the vineyard seeks to produce environmentally friendly wine grapes, while respecting nature and the consumer’s health.